Public concern on environment issues, stricter environmental legislation and
increased media attention result in more pressure on the businesses.

Course Description
The essential objective of this course is to refresh and/or review the structure & basic requirements of ISO 14001 & enable the delegates to plan & conduct the third party external audits. The training program will also provide both technical knowledge and practical skills essential to become competent Lead Auditor.
Learning objectives
  • Consolidate your ISO 14001 environmental management knowledge
  • Gain the ability to conduct EMS audits in line with ISO 14001 and EMAS
  • Keep up-to-date with best practice and environmental legislation
  • Be confident leading and managing audit teams and processes
  • Improve analytical and reporting skills
  • Prove your EMS competency through ISO qualification and professional recognition.
Benefits of the EMS auditor course
  • Develop leaders within your business with thorough understanding of ISO 14001
  • Improve efficiency and cut costs through an ISO accredited EMS
  • Keep pace with the latest developments in environmental management systems
  • Build stakeholder confidence in your commitment to auditing and maintaining your EMS
  • Motivate employees through increased environmental knowledge.
Who should attend?
  • Those who require detailed knowledge of EMS Auditing Process
  • Those managing internal EMS Audit within their organization
  • Those who wish to become registered EMS Lead Auditor Those who wish to and are responsible to implement EMS based on ISO 14001:2004 requirements, in the organization,
  • Existing EMS internal auditors who wish to expand their auditing skills

This course is designed for individuals with little or no previous knowledge of implementing an environmental management system. Basic knowledge of environmental aspects, ISO 9001:2008, or ISO 14001:2004 would be beneficial.

Examination and Evaluation Criteria

There are two methods of participant’s competency Evaluation Methods

  1. Continuous Assessments – Participants competency shall be evaluated on daily basis through workshops, role play, Group Discussion, Home exercise, Class Room participation, Response, Contribution in Training, Punctuality, attendance etc. The qualifying Marks is 60%.
  2. Final Examination – It will be conducted at Last Day of Training and qualifying Marks is 70%

5 Days.


Course Description
Auditing your EMS is crucial to achieving and maintaining ISO 14001 standards and we offer expert training in how to audit to an international standard. This two day non-residential environmental management course gives a detailed overview of the skills needed to achieve best practice in ISO 14001 auditing.
Learning objectives
  • Learn how to use ISO 14001 to carry out effective internal EMS audits.
  • Identify the different stages of the audit process and how to put each into practice
  • Learn how to initiate and prepare an ISO 14001 audit
  • Have the ability to lead and manage the entire audit process
  • Be confident in following-up corrective actions.
  • Gain professional recognition and advance CPD.
Benefits of the ISO 14001 internal auditor course

A thoroughly trained EMS Internal Auditor with the skill set to:

  • Have confidence with internal audit expertise
  • Ensure your environmental management system is ISO 14001 and
  • EMAS compliant
  • Demonstrate your commitment to reducing your environmental impact
  • Gain competitive advantage and build customer confidence
  • Encourage CPD and raise awareness of environmental management.
Who should attend?
  • Persons responsible for implementation of an EMS.
  • Persons responsible for conducting internal audit of an EMS.
  • Management representatives

2 days.

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